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Agate Desert Arabian Yearlings Win Championships!

Posted on March 29, 2011 at 3:22 PM

Halyn's 2010 Filly- Kahlidah Halawa and the 2010 colt, Annapolis Afire,sired by Annapolis ++/, both won their Yearling Halter class at the Arabian Rally in the Valley at the Oregon Horse Center in Eugene, Oregon.  

Since it was a concurrent A and B show, they also won 2 Championships each!

Sad part is, they were the only entries!  No one else brought out their foals.  Although there was a lack of competition, I decided to show them for 2 reasons.  The experience and the opportunity- they now have the opportunity to  compete at Regionals.

I hope there will be some competition there.    :)

Show photos will be added soon!  Keep your eyes on these babies.....we are on the move!  Next show will be the Aim at the Hood in Boring, OR. 

So spread the word!  Bring your foals and show them off!  Look what you missed out on!

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